La Source ~ the wellspring

Springing up….

Or showering down…?

I am fascinated by water in all its manifestations and this exhibit called La Source (The Wellspring) was mesmerising as it changed colour as it flowed….

Spring water


The following picture I took last weekend. It WAS as cold as it looks. Any standing water was frozen solid. There were flurries of snow, and massing banks of snow clouds were flocking in from off the North Sea.

But this water was special. Just a little way up from the shingles and the crashing waves, the dunes are filled with tiny freshwater springs that often cut little paths through the sand and the marram grass and peter out before they go anywhere. A  few, like this one, form a shallow pond that then runs down in streamlets through the dunes and gives much needed water to wildlife. Herons fish in these ponds and even in the subzero temperatures, the moving waters remain free of ice.

Springs are truly mysterious and undoubtedly sacred places. Over my life I have been drawn to such places and find them an endless source of beauty and peace. That such places exist anywhere, and exist in unexpected places, is a source of great comfort to me. The healing waters of springs are an ancient concept, found the world over and with good cause; there are miracles that are recorded in these special places, things that defy normal explanations.

I’ll end with a quote from the book of Proverbs, chapter 4, verse 23:

“More than all else, keep watch over your heart since here are the wellsprings of life.”

Dark Waters

Dark Waters


My own darkness rises to meet me:

As close as my own shadow and as dark.

No charm, no talisman, no prayer,

No kind words, no good intent,

No strong will, no firm purpose,

No amount of intellect or wit

Can even begin to save me.

Like a wall of water it rolls onward

Vast and unstoppable as the tides

That wash the shores each day.

The water fills my ears near to bursting

And I hold my breath as long as I can.

As I breathe out one final time,

Beyond the rushing waves that cover me

I’d swear I can hear whalesong.