World Mental Health Day ~ and Happy Birthday Dandelions

Today is World Mental Health Day.

It’s also the first anniversary of the publication of Dandelions and Bad Hair Days, the book of essays, poems, pictures and musings written by a whole range of people, about their experiences of mental health distress, either as carer or as someone who suffers with one or other form of distress.

It was put together by Suzie Grogan and I contributed several pieces, including the essay that gave the book its title. It’s been extremely well received by many people, especially mental health professionals, and the stories are inspiring and thought provoking. Monies raised from sales of the book go to SANE and OCD Action and the awareness the book has raised so far has been impressive.

For the anniversary, the Kindle edition is priced at £1.53, and I would urge you to consider sharing this post on social media, buying the book either as Kindle or as paperback,  or if you have already got a copy, please think about writing a short review. The book was published initially by a small publisher without much budget for advertising and word of mouth is by far the best way a book like this can reach people.  The higher up the Amazon bestsellers lists for its categories it goes, the more visible it is to people browsing the virtual shelves for books that might help them. At the time of writing, it was at 14 in the charts for Kindle books on depression, at 29 in personal transformation and at 33 in mental health. The higher it goes and the longer it stays, the more of an impact it will make.

I was very proud to be a part of this project and still am. I’d like to see it at number one for books on depression.  In the blurb it says it might just save lives, and I believe this is true.

Let’s make this book shout out to the world that there is hope in the stories we have to share.