Stress Soother

So many remedies to deal with anxiety and stress have ingredients in that are totally unsuitable for those who are suffering also from depression. Many herbal remedies for anxiety and for sleep problems contain both valerian and hops, which are superb remedies but are not helpful if you are also depressed. In fact they can both increase depression as they both act on the central nervous system to slow it down.

It’s partly down to the fact that there is a perception that people with stress need to CALM DOWN. Well, this is true but it doesn’t mean they need to be put to sleep or made dopey.

As a teenager suffering from both stress, anxiety and depression I was prescribed some pretty heavy duty medicines which did nothing for any of the conditions I was afflicted by but simply made me very, very sleepy indeed. After falling asleep in class I got sent home from school a few times. I then spent the next few days sleeping off the medication and was back at school, still stressed, still depressed and with no further help available.

I’ve had various anti-depressants since and have the same reaction with certain ones that are designed to calm you down- I sleep. For days, sometimes. It’s a long way from an ideal solution and I did find the SSRIs rather helpful.

Day-to-day stress is another issue. I’ve worked my way through a lot of remedies, but these days I tend to read labels carefull. If I spot certain items on a list then I don’t buy. I have found my own ways of dealing with the anxiety and stress I get overwhelmed by, and Badger Stress Soother is a part of my armoury.

In its base of beeswax and extra virgin olive oil, it also contains a veritable garden of essential oils that are well known to deal with stress, anxiety and depression all at the same time. Oils of tangerine, lavender, rosemary, cedarwood, spearmint, chamomile and even damask rose give this useful balm its de-stressing properties without knocking you out, over-exciting you or making you feel miserable(but calm). It has a pleasant fragrance, not either flowery or fruity but a mixture of the two and is as suitable for a man as it is for a woman. It can be used as a lipbalm too, which is why I carry it around in a little tin and is also useful smeared around the nostrils as a preventative for hayfever(you can buy a balm somewhere else that also does this. Apparently the pollen is attracted to the balm because it gives off ions of some sort that act like a magnet; this hayfever balm is a LOT more expensive than Badger and if you use a Badger, you kill two bird, so to speak with one stone!)

Badger Stress Soother won’t make your troubles go away; that’s far too much to ask. But it might help you cope a little better with them and the bonus is it’s good for the skin.

Check it out at . They have a lot of lovely, honest products and the art work on the tins is very cute too. They don’t cost the earth and they might help. They’ve helped me, certainly.

8 thoughts on “Stress Soother

  1. I’ve never known if what I go through is depression, but there are periods in my life when I simply become like a zombie. It always starts with a feeling of dissatisfaction and anger, it slowly grows into complete misery and immediately after reaching its climax, it goes away and a period of apathy and emptiness follows. With or without medication, I always go through these phases. Surprisingly, throughout the entire process, I’m pretty well-organized and disciplined at work, but once I come home…


  2. Viv, I shall be careful in using the word “depression”* because I am acutely aware that there is ‘depression’ and then there is “Depression”. The former* has visited me in my lifetime and no doubt will do so again. In such moments I felt low but I was not on any medication nor did I need to be. The former* was and is the sort of “blues” that are brought on by winter skies, by concerns about things that are not entirely under one’s control, notably the fact that Times Arrow is flies in a straight line and somewhere along that line it will pass by the date on which one will cease to be, but in the process time does not slow down and one is conscious of its passage and the endless swing of Time’s pendulum. I use metaphors here, but you know what I mean.
    I take account of all that you write and although I am tardy in visiting you – for the which please accept my apology – I have admired your posts and your writing and the meaningful, very relevant, topics you discuss (and we have from time to time also had our dialogue here and on my “about me” and other pages where your humour has been sparkling and rewarding.
    I remember one of your successive responses asked me to bring back rocks from any of the places I visit and I had intended to reply and say “yes of course” but now cannot find the specific comment. So please know that I will bring back rocks, providing I am allowed to and providing it is not prohibited at the boarding stage, if I am flying. It will be much easier if I am cruising and in that case I don’t think there will be any problem in so doing. I realise I am straying off=topic here but hope you will not mind. I love your blog and also have deep respect and admiration for you. You endure and among all the other things that you I am so glad I get the chance to read your beautiful poetry (I write stories too, but since I do not get the volume of visitors I am not encouraged to post any (my fault entirely because I assumed folk read tags and then out of curiosity go see, but now I know that one has to be proactive in visiting and I am trying to do this and catch up) there does not seem to be much call for my stories and so I will restrain my self from posting them, and continue to with my poetry). I realise I am straying off-topic here but hope you will not mind. I love your blog and also have deep respect and admiration for you.


    • I would be delighted about receiving rocks but as long as they don’t take up too much room and NEVER any from Hawaii… and there are reasons for this I will explain if you ask.
      You seem to be getting a fairly high volume of traffic lately looking at your stats but I do know what you mean. If people expect certain things from you, do you disappoint them or give them what they come for? A dilemma. Maybe a secondary blog linked to the main one set aside for stories? I am involved now with four blogs, though this is my main one. I sometimes think about making a separate one where I can journal as it is very helpful; though that would be largely either totally private or password protected.
      take care and be safe on your travels!


  3. I have no immediate intention of going to Hawaii. I was there many years ago, but there are a lot of other places on my agenda and this year will be full of opportunities, with plans to visit the Islas Canarias, then NYC,USA, then Cuba, and in the autumn a firm booking already contracted, will take me to the western Caribbean for a month and see the islands that I did not see when I was in the Caribbean last time (I cruised the eastern part on that occasion).

    I am getting a fairly high volume of traffic and it is from the friends that I have made contact with (including you ) and who all write amazing blogs. There are still a lot of folk who see my comments, or awards mentioning me on Jingle’s page (God bless her for all her kindness and the work she does) but whom I have not yet seen on my pages. But that is no real mystery to me, because I have not visited them and all of this process of sharing is a two-way thing. So, I will try to slow down my posting activity – not so easy as I have a lot to post – and focus on visiting random posts as well as posts from those kind folk who visit me – for which they know, from my responding answers that I am deeply grateful and thankful for.

    I will take care, thank you, but I will not be travelling again until sometime in April, so you are blessed (or bothered 😉 ) with me in the meantime.. and even after this I shall try to get online wherever I am.


    • Ah well, then a cursed rock from Pele is not accidentally coming my way then.
      May I ask on what premise do you travel? Work, pleasure or both?
      I am off to Paris later this month and probably a few times to France this coming year, but all for work. I am heading to the great Roman city of Bath in May, and possibly also to Hungary for a wedding in late August if I can get myself organised.
      Did you get the email i sent you? Just nod. I just need to check I sent it to the right address as I have a few things I’d like to share with you privately.


  4. Pele’s rock will not be in my bag.

    I travel on pleasure, my work in the broadcasting industry, behind the scenes (no pun intended) brought a measure of independence, and now I can go to one or two places when time and circumstances permit.

    I haven’t been to Paris since I was a baby John hitching across yoorup. I know the great Roman City of Bath, and used to frequent a place there called The Hole In The Wall.

    Hungary I have not been too, I am more inclined to visit Southern Europe because of the amazing climate there, well most of the time, leaving aside the weird way the weather had affected a lot of Europe during the last 4 months or so. I know Greece very well, the islands in particular, but the best time for me is May, before the tourist season really opens and before mosquitoes hatch in June/July and huzahh out of the rivers where the local government has failed – yet again – to spray them before the mozzies hatched.

    Yes thanks, I did get the email and will be reading it thoroughly – I have scanned it (with my eyes I mean) – a little later on and will get back to you on what you say. Please also give my deep regards to Sir J, if you are corresponding with him, I owe him several long overdue visits and if he sees this dialogue I hope he forgives my tardiness in staying in touch. He has said many kind things about me on my main page and I hold him in my respect and in my affection.



  5. P.S. : there are one or two key-entry mistypes/mis spells in my above reply – could you please use your edit to adjust these to what I meant to type correctly…

    … I know no one else can see this P.S.request, but you may wish to delete it to keep your pages looking tidy 😉


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