A frog he would a-wooing go…

It’s finally Spring and a young frog’s thoughts turn to….

This obliging young frog waited patiently for me to get my camera out, snap him and wait to be thanked before he moved on.

It’s the little things in life that make you smile.

He wasn’t very big but he sure as heck made me grin….

9 thoughts on “A frog he would a-wooing go…

  1. Yes, it’s the little things.
    Once a lizard had come into the office building. There is a grass field in the yard and there are quite many living things that become curious from time to time and pay a timid visit to the office. That creature was the most amazing glistening shade of light green. Some of the women started making a big fuss of it but I was fascinated. He just had quick look, made sure there was nothing interesting but weird shrieking giants and swiftly went out through the open door. 🙂


  2. the other day i was driving along and the instrumental, spacey part of “sign your name across my heart” started just as the road dipped and I looked up to see two birds flying around each other and then landing on a wire side by side.
    this was my frog ,this was my little thing ,as dear to me as your spotted friend.

    it is 10 before midnight and i can hear his cousins a hollerin’ through the fog outside 🙂


  3. I love your frog Viv. In fact I like frogs in general. When I was 14 and far to young to be doing such things, I got a tattoo of a little stick frog on my arm. It was a Native American symbole that meant happiness. Now all frogs symbolise happiness when I see them!


    • Hey!
      Frogs are just lovely.
      I got home about an hour ago and found your book awaiting me…..well, I am blown away. I shall write more when I get home again; I am off again tomorrow night so am going to be very very busy for the next day. But I have ideas for promoting it here, and also elsewhere. Bloody brilliant is all I can say right now!!!


    • well it’s not earthshattering like your book is but it might all help.
      You’ll have to wait till I get back again and get organised….


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