The Fisherman’s Prayer

“Dear Lord,

be good to me,

    the sea is so wide 

     and my boat is so small.”

           Irish Fisherman’s Prayer


5 thoughts on “The Fisherman’s Prayer

  1. Beautiful picture and words – and how appropriate. Half an hour ago I was just looking out at the dawning light, with streaks of red in the sky, and thinking of that old adage, ‘red sky at morn is a sailor’s warning, red sky at night is a sailor’s delight!’

  2. Yes, I too, like this simple little prayer. It’s truth without fluff — though funny to find its focus on fishermen. That is, funny, in the sense that I’ve been contemplating fishermen myself, here of late.

    It began during Christmas, after finishing Margaret George’s novel, Mary, Called Magdalene. I say finished — though it appears the book has not finished with me, for I find myself wondering about Jesus and his choice of disciples. One-third of the inner twelve we’re told were fishermen. Which leads me to wonder: Why fishermen?

    That my spiritual director is also a fishermen — not by trade but by hobby — has me contemplating his traits, as he sits patiently each month to help me “listen” as I unravel threads of my life each month.

    Viv, I hope joy comes to you in January — just as joy came to me in reading this little Irish poem.


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