The Pyramids of the Louvre

Under this arch, a young man played the flute so hauntingly I dug out my purse and put a few euros in his hat…

It’s astounding the detail you miss by just marching on, eyes ahead.

Parisians were ambivalent about the Pyramids but seem to be happy with them now. But then Napoleon had a real obession with Egypt so maybe it’s in keeping after all…

Sunlight sparkled on the clear shallow water and made it unbearably inviting on a hot, hot day…

Excuse the pasty white pins!

Note the rows of shoes…..

Coming soon: Paris scams and beggars’ tricks.

6 thoughts on “The Pyramids of the Louvre

  1. Thanks for popping by my blog. These images bring back so many wonderful memories. I love Paris but then who doesn’t? I look forward to Paris scams and beggars’ tricks!


    • Funnily enough Susie, I am not especially fond of Paris. I have only ever been there for work and never for personal pleasure. I don’t really like cities generally but end up in many for work.
      thanks for visiting.


  2. Whose sexy legs are those showing off to all the passersby and rubber-necking on-lookers?

    Never been to Paris, but I have it on my “bucket list.”

    Thanks for such great photos.

    michael j


    • possibly mine…??
      I did Bucket Lists with my students on Wednesday. It was fun but some odd stuff came up. One girl wanted to try”at least one time” hallucinogenic mushrooms, which has never come up before.
      I ought to write my own Bucket list one day, here….
      thanks Michael J.


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