The Geriatric Teenager

The geriatric teenager 

  I never felt the need to rebel

When I was a teenager;

 I was too busy planning my escape.

Tunnels take a lot of work, you know.

But now I’m touching middle age

 I feel like misbehaving.

 I’d like to do all those things

 I never thought to do

 At the allocated time:

 Wear stupid clothes,

 Dye my hair pink,

Get drunk and puke in public.

I won’t, though.

 People forgive teenagers:

 It’s just their age, they say.

They won’t forgive me;

I should know better.

5 thoughts on “The Geriatric Teenager

  1. You should at least do those that really call to you! I started wearing those colorful, bling t-shirts made for teens and young women. That’s my big rebellion. 🙂


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