Tree Mandala



I had a time some years back where I experimented drawing mandalas; well, sort of mandalas. I would meditate for a while and then begin to draw. I’m not an artist at all, and doing these drawings was about freeing something inside me, rather than trying to capture an image or scene. I’d been thinking about trees, obviously, and their place in my life, when I did this mandala.

I used the same design to paint on a medicine shield that now hangs in my study.  I know it doesn’t look like any tree on earth, but then it wasn’t intended to!

5 thoughts on “Tree Mandala

  1. Oh, I REALLY like this!! It made me happy just looking at it. I couldn’t tell you why, mind you, but then maybe we’re not supposed to always know why. *smile*


    • Oui, je pense que M.Jung avait les grande idees, et j’ai essaye de suivre quelles idees.
      mon francais n’est pas si bon, desolee!


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