Me and my shadow in Paris


I had a thought; there’s a new Dan Brown due out in a few weeks time. The Lost Symbol, I believe it’s called.

I went to Paris for work last summer and took the following photo while walking round the outside of the Louvre; time didn’t permit entry. I was trying to capture the inverted pyramid where Dan Brown asserted Mary Magdalene’s remains were buried. I only got a good photo of my shadow.

But that’s the way of it. In trying to capture certain things, we see our shadow more clearly than anything else.

6 thoughts on “Me and my shadow in Paris

    • I liked it to; I didn’t take many photos as I had only my mobile phone then. But I really wanted to take some at the Louvre. I did like the Pyramids even though many hate them. It was a whistle stop tour of Paris. I’m hoping to be back in October but not sure yet!


  1. Shadows are such amazing and mysterious protrusions of ourselves, aren’t they? They are both dependent on our material bodies and yet they seem to have a life of their own.
    We’ve got many folk tales and fairy tales on someone’s shadow having been trapped or stolen and then the person withers and ails. But I guess there’s nothing harmful in you capturing the image of your own shadow 🙂
    This photograph is really impressive.


    • It was a total accident; I didn’t bank on the glass reflecting my image back as a shadow. I was trying to capture what was below!!


      • Yes, I know. That’s why it’s so unique. Frequently the most breathtaking photograph were taken all by chance.


      • Thank you.
        I didn’t think it was that remarkable until I saw it again the other day when it popped up as part of my screen saver.


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